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Sourcing in China - Source from China

Advantage Sourcing Services has been sourcing in China for over six years.  As a China agent, we source the highest quality manufactured goods and components for our clients at competitive prices.

Advantage Sourcing Services has built up a large network of suppliers from all parts of China and can reliably source from China almost any type of manufactured goods or components. We significantly reduce product and component costs for many Australian and international companies.

We source from China the highest quality goods and components to suit your exact needs and standards - all delivered to your door and at a great price.

As your China agent, our services include:

  • Research and location of manufacturing resources in China
  • Product design from your brief and prototyping (if required)
  • Pricing and obtaining samples for your inspection
  • Quality control and inspection of goods prior to shipping
  • Compliance with Chinese and Australian export and import regulations

At Advantage Sourcing we aim to source to our customers’ standards, sourcing goods as close to the product you require. Our liaison team negotiate on your behalf to ensure you as a customer are protected as optimally as possible in regard to overseas factory contractual agreements. We then ensure all products are suitably inspected before they leave China.

The products we are currently sourcing in China include:

Temporary fencing, crowd control barriers, security fencing, pool fencing, storage cages, spigots for glass fencing, glass (all kinds), insulation, fibre, solar panels, kayaks, roto moulded products, injection moulded products, angle bead|cornice, solar panels and acc, containers, furniture, kitchens, prefabricated buildings, stock panels .

Large or small, we’ll source from China for you – offering you great service and peace of mind.


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