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Product Development

As a buyers agent Advantage Sourcing provides a unique level of service with on the ground operations in both Australia and China. Adopting a comprehensive approach, Advantage Sourcing’s expert staff is available to look at the exact needs of every client. If we can develop your product in our China Factory we do so and if not, we identify and source from the best China Manufacturer for the job.

At Advantage Sourcing we offer an integrated package so that your order can be shipped to you as a finished product. We match your experience with the right experience in China to get the job done properly.

Benefits of choosing Advantage Sourcing Services:

  • We offer on the ground expert assessment and advice in both Australia and China.
  • We are highly experienced at reducing the risks for sourcing both simple and complex product requirements.
  • We take measures to protect patented products.
  • We offer personalised service and oversee the process of product development from commencement to completion.
  • As a client, you get to choose the degree to which you want us to be involved.
  • We offer assistance with developing overseas markets for your product as well.

Examples of Advantage Sourcing’s versatile service offering include our product development for wood fired ovens and furniture cages as shown.


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