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China Factory - China Manufacturer

If you need a China manufacturer, Advantage Sourcing‘s fully owned and operated China factory, and those of our networked affiliates, produce the highest quality manufactured products and components specifically for Australian and international companies – at competitive prices.

From inception to completion, Advantage Sourcing specialises in the development of metal fabricated products.

Our company is an experienced China manufacturer and will significantly reduce your manufacturing costs.

The services of our China factory include:

  • Manufacture of your existing products or components
  • Developing and managing new products – we’ll work with you from the ground up
  • Manufacture of new products from your designs – we can even help you design it

Our point of difference from other local factories: We won’t cut corners to meet price, but prefer to ensure quality and instead advise our buyers where there are possible compromises in quality should costs need to be reduced.

We have extensive manufacturing experience in the following specialisations:

Temporary fencing, storage cages, spigots for glass fencing, glass (all kinds), insulations, fibre, solar panels, kayaks, roto moulded products, injection moulded products, angle bead|cornice, small solar powered lights, top of the line highchairs, plastic moulded products and clothing items.

Take your manufacturing offshore to Advantage Sourcing’s modern China factory and maximise your profits.

  • China Manufacturer

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